Will Twitter Grab Success With Video?

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  • January 13, 2015

There is no getting away from the fact that video content is going to be increasingly essential for online users and companies. Improved download speeds, internet connections and devices that are easier to use and watch will all play a role in ensuring that video content is essential when it comes to making the most of people’s online time. When it comes to social media, Facebook is doing rather well for itself with respect to video content and one of the biggest hits of 2014 was the ICE Bucket Challenge, which saw millions of people uploading fresh video content to the social media site on a daily basis.

Clearly Twitter knows that they need to achieve success with video as well, and the company has made it be known that they are moving in the direction of video content this year. There hasn’t been a great deal of information provided about what exactly Twitter intends to do, but they will be releasing a “native video product” in the first 6 months of this year.

There was confusion when information about video content on Twitter was leaked on the FAQ page of the site. It seems as though the information that was provided on site relates to the video offerings that are currently available on Twitter, which provides a specially selected number of advertisers to gain access to the Amplify program. This provides the opportunity for verified users and publishing partners to upload their videos directly on to Twitter.

Twitter has been building their video capabilities for some time

This is not a new feature, it has been in place since March of 2014 and in August of last year, Twitter set about providing access to a wider range of partners and users. The video.twitter.com site is still up and running and it is possible to request access, but if you are just an ordinary user, it is extremely likely that you will be refused access to this part of the social media platform.

A blog post in November 2014, posted by Kevin Weil, the VP of Product, stated; “But aside from just watching video more easily on Twitter, you should be able to record, edit and share your own videos natively on Twitter too. Alongside short looping Vine videos, we think you’ll have fun sharing what’s happening in your world through native video. You can expect to see this in the first half of next year.”

This alone should have given people enough of a warning that Twitter had big things planned for video content in this year, but it was only the FAQ issue that brought the matter to a wider audience. Most users will agree that having better video content and having the ability to create immediate content and edit it there and then will be of benefit. Twitter claims to be the platform for news and capturing events as they happen and good quality video facilities will only strengthen the platform’s position.