Twitter Offers Are On Their Way

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  • December 17, 2014

The development of Twitter as a serious e-commerce platform looks set to continue with the company rolling out Twitter Offers. In an era when many promotional campaigns and strategies go by confusing or unrelated names, you will be glad to know that Twitter Offers is pretty much what it sounds like it is. This new system provides firms and advertisers with the opportunity to provide digital coupons in their tweets. There have already been developments with respect to buying directly in twitter and this further development will provide a stronger link for many firms and their Twitter users.

The promotion is going to provide a chance for Twitter users to claim offers and discounts when they link their debit or credit card accounts to Twitter and then these discounts can be obtained by using the card that has been synced. This can be claimed online or in a physical store, so there is an opportunity for all types of business to benefit from this new development. For companies who have been looking to capitalise on digital marketing in their retail outlets, this could finally be the promotion or step that bridges the gap between the online and offline world.

With smartphones being an integral part of everyday life for the vast majority of people, knowing that there is an opportunity to tap into social media in such a realisable way will be of fantastic benefit to many retailers.

Firms will be able to determine their ROI

One major benefit to retailers is the fact that they will be able to see the level of redemption from the Twitter campaign in a clear and distinct manner. This will help firms to better determine their ROI, and the fact that this is an easy process both in the online and offline market is something that will be of significant benefit to firms. There is also a benefit for companies in that they do not have to bring in a new payment network to feel the benefit of this. This means that there is no new cost and there is no need for employees to be trained in a new system. This should ensure that there are no barriers to using or implementing this strategy, which has to be of great benefit to all businesses. Twitter has already proven itself at being useful in targeting an interested audience but Twitter Offers could be the step that allows businesses to really benefit from this interested audience.

It is not the first discount offer provided by Twitter, firms like American Express have tapped into this market through the use of specialist hashtags but this will be the first instance of it being rolled out across the entire network. It will be a phased roll-out, much like the Buy button of Twitter, and initially, it will only be available for a few brands in the United States. However, if this initial rollout goes well, there is likely to be a swift rollout of the system all around the world.