Twitter Buys Image Company Madbits

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  • August 25, 2014
Twitter buys madbits

When it comes to Twitter, it is fair to say that the company does a lot of things well and a few things not so well. While many people still grumble about the limited number of characters available for every tweet, there will be many people that prefer the restrictions placed on conversation. For most people, the ability to connect with other people through hashtags and trending topics is the strongest aspect of the platform, creating a truly social environment where people can come together in agreement or disagreement.

The search capabilities of message content and the ease of use in following hashtags has helped Twitter to be regarded as the most searchable social media platform. However, this is not the case for all aspects of the platform, with images being difficult to search for. Given the high volume of posts that are predominantly image based, it can be difficult for users to find information or content that they would have an interest in. It seems like Twitter is aware of this limitation though and there may be some developments in this regard.

This is because Madbits, an image search company, have announced on their website that they are joining the popular social media platform. The co-founder of Madbits, Clement Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari released a joint statement on the site which lays the foundations for working with Twitter.

The company has created and developed software technology that is able to understand and organise information from raw data, including images. This means that even if an image is not tagged, the company has produced a way to extract information from it that enables assumptions to be made about the image. It is easy to see why this would have a huge impact on twitter and the way that people are able to connect with each other. The firm states that after testing 10 applications, in conjunction with preparing for a public launch, they are in a position to work with Twitter; a firm that they believe has a similar outlook with respect to vision and ambition.

Both companies can benefit from this development

There is no doubt that working closely with a firm like Twitter will help an innovative firm to scale their technology quickly and effectively, reaching a new audience in a much shorter time scale.

Regular Twitter users will know that the firm has been improving their image capabilities in recent times, including the ability to tag people in images, providing users with the chance to include multiple images in a single tweet and there has also been the inclusion of animated GIFs. These developments indicate that the firm is working hard to deliver better image content and capabilities, which means that adding a search facility would be something that fits neatly with the with current activities of the platform.

Image and video content is becoming increasingly important online, which means that Twitter making it a more integral part of their platform will likely bring positive results for the company and their users.