A cookie is added to your visitors computer

Right after you sign up with Digital Marketing Desk, we install a site wide tracking code on your website.
Its a simple Javascript tracking code that we add just before the </body> tag on every page of your website. the tracking code puts an anonymous cookie in all your visitors browsers so we can show them your adverts.
The good news is we do this for you, we input the tracking code so no technical knowledge is required from your side

We find your visitors wherever they are online and serve them your adverts

So we have now tagged your visitors with your cookie on potentially thousands devices used to previously view your site. We then search for them on Facebook, Twitter and websites in the Google network to display your adverts.
We have partnerships with all of the major advertising networks online Google Display Network, Facebook and Twitter. When a previous visitor to your site loads a web page that is a partner in any of those Ad Networks our platform will serve the one of your adverts.
This is done in a real-time auction ofter called “real-time bidding”, your advert will be bidding against thousands of other adverts and the most relevant to the user will be displayed.
If we see your visitor loading a web page that has ad space from one of our partner networks, the system aggressively bids to show your advert of your visitor. The algorithm will ensure your adverts are shown frequently but not too often to avoid advert burn (The issue of showing your adverts too many times that they are ineffective)

Your visitor sees your adverts clicks to return to your site then converts into a sale.

Your adverts will be seen by your visitors ensuring you are seen by them once they are ready to purchase your product or service.