Pay Per Click

Your business will benefit from razor sharp targeted users to your website. PPC will benefit your business now and in the future as one of the most effective ways to get targeted customers to your site. Digital Marketing Desk have some of the most respected PPC experts in the UK so you can be sure your campaign is in safe hands.

The Road to more customers

Digital Marketing Desk’s PPC team work closely with our SEO team to share information on pages we are working on. We test, test, test then test some more to optimise your account to reduce the cost per click and ensure you are getting razor focused customers. We make sure there is a high relevancy between your keywords, advert editorial and your landing pages.

Keyword optimisation

We use a number of tools and best practice to optimise your keywords. We ensue you are targeting relevant users to give you the best chance to convert those into paying customers. By improving the optimisation of your we can improve your Google Adwords quality score, which will improve your click thru rate and reduce your cost per click.


We constantly monitor your keywords to check they are in top health and performing and optimum performance. We adjust bids accordingly to ensure no money is wasted, we also keep those pesky negative keywords topped up to reduce your spend.


Digital Marketing Desk are transparent and keep you in the loop what is happening on your campaign. We keep you updated on all activity including spend, return on investment, cost per click, cost per conversion and more.

So how much does this cost? £££
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