Facebook Pleased With Right Rail Ads

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  • January 8, 2015

Not everything that a big company does will be a success and you can often learn a lot about a firm by the manner that they promote their activities and how they present their new offerings. Facebook has recently released figures relating to the re-tooling of their right-rail ads, an area of the site that had been sorely neglected, and it seems as though the company is feeling rather pleased with the new look format. The ads were boosted in size and fewer ads were presented to desktop users, meaning that what was seen by a user was likely to have a greater impact on the user.

This is certainly the focus of the findings issued by Facebook and while you cannot always take what a firm says at face value, there does appear to be a lot of positivity about the findings on offer. Millward Brown was the company that carried out the eye-tracking test on behalf of Facebook and it seems as though there are improvements resulting from the new style of adverts. Initial findings indicate that the new style adverts have been far more effective at first of all grabbing people’s attention and then maintaining this attention, certainly in comparison to the previously used format.

The firm released findings for the new format in comparison with the former advert styles, and they believe that the new look adverts are 29% more effective at “attracting views”, which means users noticing the advert. The findings indicate that the new adverts are achieving a 50% more effective level with respect to the amount of time that a person spends looking at the advert. This is definitely of benefit when it comes to ensuring the advert remains in the mind of users, so this is a hugely important feature of the new style adverts.

The reading behaviour of users was also examined

There was also a finding of the adverts being 46% more effective with respect to the reading behaviour of the user. This means that the user focuses on the ad and reads it in the expected manner, shifting from left to right and from the top of the advert to the bottom.

These findings have been important but Facebook have reported that a number of advertisers have offered them positive feedback as well. TellApart, a digital marketing firm, has supposedly experienced a 100% improvement in their click-through conversions with the new style adverts and Dafiti, an e-commerce firm based in Brazil that specialises in fashion, has claimed to achieved an improvement of 70% in conversion rates and has boosted their ROI by 52%.

Given that right-rail adverts are much more affordable that their News Feed equivalents, there will be many firms looking at this style of advert, which may provide a far better opportunity for firms to increase awareness about what they offer.