Facebook Gets To Work

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  • January 21, 2015

While Facebook is seen as the most popular social media platform, it isn’t universally loved. There is no doubt that many employers would prefer their employees to spend a lot less time on the network when they are supposed to be doing their work. There is no getting away from the fact that social media sites can greatly impact on productivity and with mobile phones allowing instant access anywhere, many employees may sneak off to catch up on the latest gossip. This means that a lot of firms would prefer for Facebook to be less of a presence in their place of work, but this is something that Facebook is looking to challenge.

One of the reasons that Facebook is at the top of the social media sites and platforms is that it understands the market it operates in. It knows that there are other sites and platforms that offer a better service with respect to certain elements, and there is no getting away from the fact that LinkedIn is a far more productive business platform than Facebook is. This means that Facebook should either stay away from the business side, or they should look to improve what they offer with respect to businesses. With the news that LinkedIn is providing a range of new tools for businesses, it seems as though Facebook is looking to get to work. There are a number of rumours circulating that Facebook are launching “Work” for Android and iOS, while there will also be a version of Work available on the main Facebook site.

Work has been rolled out slowly around the world

Work has been made available to a select number of businesses around the world and it is believed that the goal of the project has been to create a platform that is friendly for the workplace. It will provide a Facebook style experience but interaction and engagement would be limited to certain firms and groups of employees. This means a firm could theoretically have the opportunity to engage all of their employees but would also be able to break these employees into smaller groups, such as engineers, sales staff, managers and so on, while documents and files can also be passed safely internally. There are software options that provide this platform for businesses to act in this way but given the widespread popularity of Facebook and the ease of use of the platform, it is easy to see why many this new platform could be of benefit to businesses looking to engage employees quickly and effectively.

It is believed that a form of Work has been in use at Facebook over the past 10 years with the company utilising it as an internal communication service. Clearly there will have been big developments to the system over the past ten years but if it has been in place for such a lengthy period of time, the company is clearly confident with what it offers. The engineering director at Facebook, Lars Rasmussen, says that it is the main source of internal communication within the company, which is something that many businesses could benefit from.