Facebook Adds App For Ads

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  • March 2, 2015

With advertising income and revenue being central to Facebook these days, it is no surprise that the company is looking to make things as easy as possible for people and businesses looking to create adverts. This can be seen in the fact that the firm has launched an ads manager app which can be used on iOS devices.

Facebook say that over 800,000 people have been their mobile ad manager at least one time a month, and from this figure, you can see why the social network giant has been keen to provide app options for users. Smartphones and tablets have become an almost permanent extension for many people, and having the opportunity to manage ads in an effective manner wherever you are is sure to be welcomed by the Facebook community.

Advertisers using the app will find that they will be able to keep tabs on how an ad is performing, they will be able to edit any ads that are in place and they will be able to edit any schedules or budgets for ads. The app is also set to provide push notifications relating to adverts while there will also be an opportunity for users to create new ads using the app. The final point may be the big one that entices more people into obtaining the app and getting into the Facebook advertising market. If it becomes easier for people to enter the advertising sphere on Facebook, it can only be a positive thing for the company. While the app is being rolled out for iOS users shortly, the Android version is not expected to launch until later on in this year.

The firm has been achieving great success with their ads

It is not as though the company is struggling with respect to Facebook advertising but the social media giant will be looking to sustain growth and development in this market as much as they can. They have recently announced that they have added 500,000 new active advertisers since July. Facebook also stated that their revenue from advertising for the fourth quarter of 2014 reached $3.59 billion, with close to 70% of this revenue coming from mobile ads.

Facebook issued a post, signed off by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg saying “Our mission is to make the world more open and connected, and an important part of that is helping people connect with businesses. Today, we want to express our thanks to you and all of our advertising partners — 2 million strong and growing every day. We’re going to keep working to serve you better, so you can continue creating jobs and opportunities in your community, and moving the entire world forward.” The duo also thanked “all the incredible entrepreneurs like you who are creating value for their communities.”

There may be a tail-off in the use of Facebook, particularly amongst younger users, but it is clear that this internet giant is going nowhere.