Digital Marketing Training

Our sister site Rocket Marketing Hub provides the best online marketing training around, with new monthly training added every single month you can grow your knowledge at a steady pace. Each month you also get a module to focus on for the month, they take you in baby steps from complete beginner to expert marketeer. This is not just theory that you might find on other sites, its actionable information that will get you results and grow your business.

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Learn from the experts

Rocket Marketing Hub is stacked with content from the UK’s leading Digital Marketing experts. They take time out from their busy schedule to show you whats working right now.

No Corporate &%$££+@

We give you practical advice no corporate rubbish here, this is marketing that is working right now.

Monthly Modules by post

Every month you will receive your next marketing module to work through at your own pace.

Monthly Webinars

Webinars with experts in marketing, giving you the chance to keep your finger on the pulse.