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Digital Marketing Desk are the UK’s leading digital marketing agency for small and medium sized businesses. Our services include SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Web Design.

How we help YOU GROW?

We help businesses of all sizes get MORE Leads/Customers/Profits from their online presence. We help businesses like YOURS get more website traffic, brand awareness and Profit.

Who are we?

Our experienced team have a huge variety of Digital Marketing Skills, this allows us to manage your whole marketing campaign all under one roof.

Why us?

We have over 7 years experience in helping businesses like yours grow and reach their full potential. Simply we understand how to grow businesses like yours.

Paid search

Organic Search (SEO)

Social Media

Web Design to Brag About

We have the best Designers in the UK, you can be certain you will be shouting about your new website as much as your customers.

We help YOUR business grow

Our Digital Marketing Services will help your business grow, whether you use one or all our of services you will be sure to grow.

Your Revenue will increase

Digital Marketing Desk tailor a strategy that fits perfectly with your business. The goals maybe to increase your website traffic, your brand awareness or website conversions. The main goal of our service is to increase the revenue of your business.

Paid Search

We use laser targeting, to ensure a steady stream of highly targeted leads come to your website from Google and Facebook.

Organic Search (SEO)

Get a steady stream of leads and customers from the search engines, a good organic position will be enforce business branding, improve your conversions and most important make you more profit.

Social Media

Interact with your customers where they like to hang out, keep them informed of news about your products and services. Get closer to your customers make them feel part of your business and brand.

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New ways

The Importance Of Finding New Ways To Deliver Content

By | Digital Marketing Desk, Google search | No Comments

While the old adage of “content is King” remains true for webmasters and online firms, the nature of the content has been evolving rapidly of late. With a greater focus being placed on mobile devices, there is a need for websites to acknowledge that solely giving traditional text content to their users is not the optimum way to reach an audience. Text content will remain important, but it is vital for webmasters and online businesses to be aware of the different ways in which they can provide content to their audience.

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Youtube vs Facebook

Facebook And YouTube Battle It Out On The Video Front

By | Digital Marketing Desk, Facebook, Google search, Youtube | No Comments

The importance of video content for online users is on the up and when you think of online videos, you will instinctively think of YouTube. This is only natural as YouTube has been the home of online videos for a very long time and even though there are other video platforms online, such as Vimeo and Daily Motion, YouTube is the place that the vast majority of video users immediately turn to. This may lead you to think that the battle for video supremacy was over before it even begun, but this may not be the case as major social media platforms are standing up to YouTube and their current position as number one video platform on the web.

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Twitter bully

Will Twitter’s “Quality Filter” Reduce Online Bullying?

By | Digital Marketing Desk, Google search, Twitter | No Comments

Social media sites have mainly been a great addition to the lives of people and the daily activities of many businesses. Having the chance to connect with so many people in real-time all around the world has helped people to connect with friends and family members, not to mention new friends or customers, in a quick and convenient way. Most people and firms will have at least one hugely positive story to take from social media, but it would be very wrong to say that everything about sites like Twitter and Facebook has been positive.

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